Janessa Harmon Founder of Janessa & Co.

Non-profit professional by day and beauty entrepreneur by nights/weekends, Janessa Harmon, founder of Janessa & Co. is certainly a woman to be inspired by. We recently sat down with Janessa to learn more about her, her body care line and – of course – her personal style. Check out our interview below to hear about it all...

Tell us a bit about yourself...

I’m a 24-year-old development associate and owner of Janessa & Co., a body care line for men and women. I’m currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area and love music, fashion, art, and giving back to the community.

Tell us the story behind Janessa & Co:

I’ve always loved going into the body care and perfume sections at department stores since I was young. It was not until college that I learned how different ingredients can alter our body’s pH and hormonal balance. I began crafting organic products for my family and friends and Janessa & Co. was birthed 2 years out of college.

What do you love about your job:

In being a development associate at the Level Playing Field Institute, I love facilitating funding for underrepresented students who do not have access to STEM education. In being an entrepreneur, I love to tap into my creativity and be strategic in deciding what ingredients to use or the direction of the brand.

What’s the biggest CAREER lesson you’ve learned:

The biggest lesson that I’ve learned is that I’m not going to have all the answers right away and that failure can lead to happiness in all facets of life.

Tell us your personal philosophy in 10 words or less:

Take the road less travelled.  

Tell us a bit about your style:

I’m in love with a bit of everything right now. I love piecing together thrift store tops with unique designer prints and textures, gold bracelets, and necklaces.

How has your industry influenced your style?

I like to think that fashion designers and body care line owners have the same regard when it comes to style. My style is influenced by fashion trends and my personal comfort and connection to past trends.  

What’s your go-to power outfit?

My go to power outfit is my black and white print sheath dress by Laundry by Shelli Segal, black Tahari blazer, short tan heels, a gold cuff bracelet, and a tan clutch. This outfit for me is the perfect hybrid of style and comfort, which are important when making power moves.   

What are your favorite brands or stores?

McMullen (Oakland, CA), Cary Lane (San Francisco, CA), Banana Republic, Tracey Reese, and Catherine Malandrino.   

Tell us about a recent fashion discovery:

I love the warm weather that we get in the Bay Area and look forward to wearing a new Yumi Kim floral dress and romper in Spring 2016.