Chatting Accessories with Pauline Montupet, Owner of SF's Le Point Boutique


If you are looking for some new inspiration on the accessories front, time to listen up and take notes!

We recently sat down to talk accessories with Pauline Montupet, SF stylist and owner of the beautifully curated Le Point. (Side note: if you haven't been there, go! You'll instantly fall in love with minimal, airy space and her inspired selection of European and American designers.)

Read below to learn more about Pauline, her store and her favorite accessories designers...


About Pauline and Le Point, In her own words...

I have been a wardrobe stylist for almost 10 years, working on photoshoots for both editorial and advertising clients. I started in New York and moved to San Francisco 8 years ago. I had always wanted to open a shop and the time seemed right in San Francisco to bring something and a style that is a bit different. It's a place where you can come and see some of your favorite harder to find brands as well as discover some new ones.  The shop is a extension of my personal style and I really enjoy picking out and curating the selection each season. I used my background as a stylist when buying for the shop. Creating a cohesive story that links everything we have in there from the women's wear and men's wear to the accessories and home goods.

Her go-to accessory designers...

Maria Black

This Danish designer has the best earrings! The other pieces in the line are great as well... but its the earrings that really stand out, especially her "twirl" earrings. They make it look like you have a 2nd piercing when you only have one. I like wearing one twirl earrings on one side like the Tusk Twirl and then just a simple tusk earring on the other side



Common Projects

These days I basically only wear flats and sneakers are always in heavy rotation. I walk from my house to shop, and then when I am on styling jobs. I am standing all day and now I am a new mom, so I think the comfortable shoes are here to stay. Common Projects sneakers are really well made and have a nice elevated feel. 




Acne Studios

I love all the shoes that Acne Studios makes, especially the boots. They all have a cool classic feel, but with a little something extra that take them from being good to great shoes. Plus they are great quality and last forever. 






Clare Vivier

We carry the LA-based designer at Le Point, and we always sell out of them. She uses really nice soft leather and makes great everyday styles. The clutches are the perfect size for everyday... enough space for all your essentials with out being weighed down. Then we you need something bigger you can throw your clutch into one of her classic tote bags. 




PRISM London

It's quality all the way with PRISM eyewear! They use a really nice acetate and Zeiss lenses, plus they have hinges at the sides so they don't get all stretched out when you push the glasses up on your head. Each season they come out with a new "print" like this brush stroke pair. They also make really great swimwear too!




Proenza Schouler

When splurging on a bag, Proenza is the way to go. They have such a cool girl ease about them, and I love how minimal and understated the hardware is on most of their styles.





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