4 Tips for Rocking the Ugly Christmas Sweater from RATBONE SKINNY'S Monica Ditsworth



All-around creative gal, Monica Ditsworth, is as witty as she is fashionable. In addition to being a stylist on our fashion team, she is the owner of the handmade greeting card line, RatboneskinnyMonica is passionate about giving the world a little dash of weirdness with her silly and sometimes borderline offensive greeting cards. 

So when we decided we wanted to do a feature on ugly sweaters, we knew exactly who to call for tips on creating fun and fashionable looks for your upcoming ugly sweater party. 

Check out Monica's picks and tips below...


Whether you will be shopping at a vintage store for the perfect ugly sweater find or you have an old sweater your grandma actually gifted to you, try pairing it with a bold sequin skirt or shorts. If the sweater is a bit fitted, tuck it in, but if the sweater is too big or bulky try shorts with the sweater resting over the top. To keep warm, style with festive stocking, over the knee socks and boots or your favorite sneakers.


If you want to look feminine in your "ugly" sweater and not lose your shape under something baggy and oversized, shop for a sweater that is more on the fitted side with a traditional "fair isle" print like snowflakes and stripes. When styling this look think of it as less about the sweater and more about your overall style goal and accessories. Jewelry can be bold with layered or statement necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. Finally, keeping warm is always a necessity so wear this sweater with a fit and flare or circle skirt, black stockings and a black heel. Voila! Festive and feminine.


Often the funny "ugly" sweater helps to spark conversation with new people or co-workers you don't typically chat with on a daily basis. The best way to style your humor sweater is subtly with your favorite pair of jeans or leggings and a pair of vans/converse, combat boots or flats that don't take too much attention away from the sweater. A double bonus for this look is it's comfortable so you can eat and drink as much as you please.

Tip 4: START basic. Add holiday accessories.

If your goal is to look polished and chic try shopping for a plain sweater (either in a store or your closet) that you can wear all winter in a neutral color like black, navy, or red. When styling for the party focus on holiday accessories like a pattern beanie, scarf or socks, holiday purse in a fun shape, glittery snowflake pin or reindeer ears headband. The rest of the look should be classic with subtle jewelry, black swiss dot stockings, classic black skirt, heels (black or red) or an over the knee boot to compliment your figure.