Lauren Goodman, Our Editorial Director in Residence, on the Blazer

Our Editorial Director in Residence, Lauren Goodman, is a serious blazer enthusiast–so we just knew we had to have her weigh in on this week's topic! When we asked the San Francisco and New York based stylist and editor (whose clients include Vogue, W, NOWNESS, and GQ) why every woman needs a tailored jacket (or many!) in her wardrobe, Lauren explained:

"Tailored jackets give an instant face lift and sense of dignity to #iwokeuplikethis looks fit only for traipsing airports, morning drop-off (hi, moms) and running out for coffee. Even over a pair of sweats and a turtleneck, a well-fitted blazer transforms the wearer from super slob to super chic! (Sunglasses also required.) On the flip, a mens-y jacket can take some fuss and preciousness out of overly formal looks--providing the perfect foil to too-done hair and say sequins."

If you need some blazer inspiration, check out Lauren's blazer archival slideshow!