Introducing the Affinity Beta: Like a Personal Stylist, but Better

Eighteen months ago, we started Affinity with a crazy idea: to create a service that provides better clothing recommendations than a personal stylist. It was an ambitious undertaking, but we believed if we reached that goal, we could revolutionize the way shoppers discover products and make purchases online.

Since day one we’ve focused tirelessly on how to make really good recommendations, leveraging both expert humans (stylists and tastemakers) and computers (sophisticated algorithms) to do what each does best.

Today, after more than a year of iterating on the approach and algorithms, we are thrilled to release the beta version of Affinity: A personalized discovery experience that introduces shoppers to unique and special items they’ll love from across hundreds of stores and thousands of brands and designers.

The Affinity beta offers shoppers:

Highly personalized recommendations that center around a new category, trend or theme each week.


Exclusive editorial content including style tips, trend coverage, and tastemaker features with stylists, bloggers, designers and beyond.


Timely notifications when “loved” items are on sale or low in stock.

Affinity also allows beta users to give feedback on every recommended item, so Affinity can hone in on a shopper’s tastes and deliver more personalized recommendations the next time around.

Affinity is now open – by invitation only – but we are offering early invites to the first 1000 signups with the code FIRST1000! To sign up click here to get started with our style quiz. Once those early invites are all out, you'll have to request an invite on our homepage get in line to gain access to Affinity. 

We hope you’ll love Affinity as much as we do, and that you’ll be following our full rollout in the months ahead. Today’s beta release is just the beginning for Affinity, so stay tuned for what is yet to come!