The Ultimate T-Shirt Guide: The Perfect Tee for Every Body Shape

Everyone knows that the perfect t-shirt is essential to any summertime wardrobe, but finding that style that perfectly flatters can be a challenge. That's why we've rounded up our picks and tips for every body shape and size. So if you’re tall or petite, athletic, full-chested, or have a bun in the oven, you can find your the best fitting tees – with ease. 


You’ve got legs for days, so a long, drapey tee that might look a little overwhelming on someone shorter looks great on you. You can also pull off bold, boxy styles — just pair with a solid bottom and your height will balance out the look.  Want to play with proportions? Break up a longer torso with a two two-tone layered look tee.


Fitted t-shirt styles are ideal for petites, especially those with shorter sleeve lengths. Look for vertical details and V-neck cuts — these will elongate and flatter your figure. Smaller prints will keep the look in check.


Create shape and curves with a voluminous crop top that cinches at the waist or a tee with a waist cinching tie. A boxy cropped tee will also do the trick!


Shoppers with a full chest often avoid stripes as they can tend to exaggerate chest size, but darker colored stripes across the chest can really work to balance proportions. Another tip: t-shirts with dropped shoulders can also help to keep you from looking top-heavy while still flattering the girls. If you’re looking to move attention from the front to the back, opt for an open back tee. The open cut will also be more accommodating of a full chest — just make sure to layer it over a cute bra!



Balance out broad shoulders with a voluminous t-shirt, like a swing tee, or a lace-up style. Tees with wider sleeves also look amazing on women with an athletic build (and leave plenty of room for muscular arms!).


When it comes to finding the perfect maternity tee, you don't have to stick to the maternity section. Just keep an eye out for long and oversized shirts and you can find cool designs or unusual hemlines that will keep you feeling stylish rather than frumpy. If you want to create the illusion of a flatter chest, a tee with a V-neck will do the trick!